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  $ 150.00/an hour                  2 Hours  Min

 $134.00/an hour                   5 Hours Min.


 $125.00/an hour                   8 Hours Min.


This is what we do,

Sunday Fun Day Football Package (hit all of the bars by boat, also offer to pick up and return to home by car - no driving)

Sunset Wine Run (cheese and crackers, grapes, chocolate strawberries, and of course WINE )

Dinner Cruise (want to take your date out to dinner, well this is sweet) (you pick the restaurant)

Island Stop (hang out all day on an island or island hop)

Learn to Ski or Tube ( will teach you to ski or tube or both)

Bar hopping (this one is a blast, you pick where we go - all or just a few) Waterside, Blue Parrot, Toucans, Taps and Apps, Port City Club, Hello Sailor, North Harbor Club, Eddies on the Lake, The Landing!

Just anything (I'll drive so you can relax)

Great group
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